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Denver Tax Preparation Services


Let’s face it: Taxes are an enormous burden for most people.

People come to us when their taxes start to get difficult. Or because they don’t want to muddle through preparing a tax return by themselves.  You come to us when you don’t want to overpay Uncle Sam or get a nasty letter in the future. We give you peace of mind. Because we study the rules, we can often find tax savings. Sometimes it’s a lot of money. But we also play by the rules to keep you out of trouble. We ease the burden of taxes.

Our Denver Tax Prep clients move from other states; attend school; some marry; raise children; own a home. Our clients run small businesses; earn 1099 income as independent contractors; have a rental or two. They flip houses; work overseas; grow crops. Some have cancelled debt.

And some of our clients tried to do their own taxes. When the tax bill looked like a small fortune, they came to us. Like you, they need a super-smart tax preparer who cares about offering excellent service. Just like you, each of our clients has a special tax situation. Because our clients use us, they all have peace of mind. A sense of relief. Relief they won’t pay more tax than necessary. Relief that we play by the rules. We work to keep you out of trouble.

Don’t you deserve to feel that same sense of relief?

You may have noticed that the tax code is pretty darn confusing. Do you know how to get the lowest tax bill possible while staying out of trouble with the IRS? For that matter, have you ever tried to read an IRS publication?


It’s like the IRS tax code is designed to confuse you. Because of the complexity, only those “in the know” get all the breaks. Everyone else…well…the IRS wants to get as much out of you as they can. Don’t let your ignorance of the tax code be a disadvantage.

You need a professional on your side – someone who understands the ins and outs of tax return preparation and who can help you avoid paying too much; someone who understands your specific situation; someone to guide you through the evolving maze of taxes and help you plan for the rest of the year. You need someone who studies the rules.

Denver Tax Preparation Knows

We take the time to learn the tax rules, so you don’t have to spend hours reading and interpreting ever changing tax policy. Sometimes we have to research an answer, but we know where to look. To us, tax preparation is like solving a puzzle. Most of the time, we know what we are looking at and make quick work of it. Our clients tell us we make tax preparation look easy. That’s because we study the rules and play by the rules.

At Tax Preparation Denver, our clients are partners. We help you plan for the coming year to ensure tax time next year is a less stressful, less expensive experience for your family and your business. When you come back the following year we give you a two-year comparison of your tax returns. Each time you come back we look at year over year and help you plan. We care about our clients. This is the best customer service we can give. Think of us as your friends in the tax preparation business. We’re here for you all year long to answer your questions and to help you plan. So give us a call, or set an appointment and see how we can help you.

Denver Accountant

We prepare all business and personal Denver income tax returns. Multiple states are no problem. Right now, the number to beat is four states in one year! Our clients have S-corps, partnerships, rental property, K-1’s and many other situations. But each is unique and we make a point of not using a cookie-cutter approach. No matter what your situation, you are special to us and you deserve the undivided attention of our tax professional. We will never hand you off to a seasonal employee with limited training. Complex problems are no problem for us, we have seen most anything you can imagine, and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.

If you need a fast Denver Income Tax refund, we can print you a check or provide you with a Visa debit card that you can reload. You can also have your refund directly deposited to your bank account from the IRS. Let us make life easy for you when it comes to tax prep.

We also provide Denver tax preparation for estate and trust as well as non-profits.

Tax prep is one of the first things business and people think about when the New Year rolls around.

With the start of the New Year, every business and every individual has to start working on their taxes before the deadline come around. For some, it means starting in January and working until April. If you have a Denver tax preparation service, then you won’t have much to worry about. Even if you don’t live in Denver, you can still have them take care of your taxes.

For the first few weeks of the New Year you’ll hear, “tax season is coming soon” and you start to worry and wonder what and how you can get out of paying so much tax. The major advantage of a tax prep service is they know all the ins and outs of taxes. They know the new rules and procedures, the new taxes, and what you can deduct from your income. They save you a lot of money!

With the Internet handy, you can have any service take care of your taxes. Denver tax return services are some of the finest in the country. They keep you from panicking when the tax season comes to a close. You have to file and pay taxes whether you’re a business or an individual. You might as well have someone who knows all about taxes do them for you. They find ways of saving you a lot of money, their services are more than worth the cost of a tax prep service.

Why should you suffer and worry over what you can deduce from your income to bring your tax payment down? Just turn over all your information to a Denver tax prep services and you’re done for the year. A tax prep service will make the tax season a breeze. You can continue to enjoy the winter months of skiing, snowboarding, or sunning in the tropics. They do all the work while you sit back and enjoy yourself.

Taxes are a big job, and they take a lot of time. Of course, it depends on how large your business is or you personal life. Sometimes just reading the instructions on how to file your taxes is so confusing it takes a PhD to tell you how to file. When you use a tax prep service, you don’t have a thing to worry about. They know about tax, the rules, laws, extensions, and they get your taxes done by the due date, especially if you’re a business and have a lot of employees.

Denver tax prep service makes filing taxes look easy. It’s not, but they deal with the IRS all the time. They also are certified tax accountants and know what items can be deducted, what categories to use for charitable donations, medical, and interest, etc., and the best of all, they know all the newest laws and tax breaks.

They fill out all the forms; you sign them, and then send them in to the IRS. They will even fill out the envelope with the address. Using a Denver tax prep service is one of the best things you can do you’re your business. Plus, the tax prep service is tax deducible.